Temporary Post

Thank You – I am flattered if you have considered following this weblog.

In creating this ‘ WordPress ‘ project, my primary intention is to learn more about HTML coding, I have used the content as simply boilerplate text.
I believe that the material is factually accurate and although I make corrections of typos, spelling or dates each time I visit to maintain the log, I shall be doing no-more than adding a few links or re-arranging the content into what may be a more comprehensible format.

This is not a research diary nor a blog about contemporary advances in scientific thought.

I learn more every day about the topics covered in the content, and shall continue correcting errors that I find – I presently act as my own editor and proofreader.
Although the progress of scientific research and discovery continues, the text and content of this web-log is concerned with the origins in history of the ideas expressed. My attempts at improvement shall be to make this clearer, not to add further information.

Although the blog is not static nor will it ever be complete – I shall not be adding additional pages of information.
Following, therefore, shall inform you only of page alterations, and not of new content.
I hope that you will re-visit the site many more times.

Thank You again for your expressions of interest – Best Wishes in your endeavours and in your research. The World Wide Web is one of the tools my teachers dreamed of when I was introduced to research many years ago – use it wisely and often.

Thank You also to the ‘ WordPress ‘ team for providing the facility that I have used to share my idea, to the back-up team and theme providers who have enabled the implementation of this project.
In the spirit of ‘ WordPress ‘ I shall continue to share and link, although you shall find few new postings to this site until I change the scheme to make the present content easier to navigate and to read.

geoff neilsen 2013

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