EDWARD TELLER (1908-2003)

1952 – USA

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In 1950 the H-Bomb project was begun in earnest, with Teller in a key role. Collaborative work between Teller and Stanislaw Marcin Ulam (1906-86) resulted in a thermonuclear device being ready by late 1951, with a public testing in 1952. This is a hydrogen-fusion device, as opposed to the atomic nuclear bomb. The latter works by essentially splitting the nucleus of the heavy, uranium atom; the former as an offshoot of forcing the conversion of hydrogen to helium. It was ENRICO FERMI (1901-54) who pointed out the possibility that an atomic explosion could cause enough heat and pressure to force a thermonuclear reaction of a hydrogen isotope, unleashing an even greater force.

Scientific theory had hinted at this possibility ever since it was realised that a helium atom was slightly lighter than it should be given its component parts. An application of Einstein’s E=mc2 equation explained that the mass ‘lost’ in the fusion was being converted into huge amounts of energy, the basis upon which the Sun works, fusing hydrogen atoms into helium under great temperature and pressure and giving off the difference as radiation.

Teller testified against ROBERT OPPENHEIMER during the investigation of alleged ‘disloyalty’.

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    • Thank You kjmhoffman, for taking the time to post your truly valuable link.
      Of the few links that I feel are able to add value to the general direction of this web-log, this ranks amongst the most useful. It will be helpful for all readers of this blog to follow your links; for many reasons. This contribution will enrich the experience and understanding of all visitors.
      I shall add my own thoughts at your site. Your postings raise a number of issues, of a personal, scientific and political nature. Being a Brit of a certain age, I share some of the political history – as does the whole world since the beginning of the atomic age. Although you may find elsewhere that I am simply learning how to use a computer, without an agenda, I feel that what you have to say is particularly relevant to this topic.
      Elsewhere and in blogs that I have linked to, the use of atomic power and its associated safety is touched upon from a purely scientific viewpoint. Thank you again for highlighting the inescapable human facet to be considered in science – I am pleased to live in a world where the people who know are able to share their experiences as you are doing. gn.


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